Thomas’s story

Thomas’s Story

When the charity was launched at Thomas Morton Hall I shed tears of happiness. The reason being I was sitting with around 40 childhood friends. These fellow “lads from the scheme” had been giving virtually no opportunities in life. The state had written them off in effect, mostly because having criminal convictions is a barrier which makes it hard to get a foot on the employment ladder.
The thought that struck me was that I could see that in the room, collectively we could change all this through Josee leadership and us all pitching in together to help the charity grow and prosper into something magnificent.

I recently went through a hard time , and this changed though when I helped the charity move into the new premises. Spending time with them gave me a great deal of pride in doing something to make a difference for others and this dramatically improved my morale. Every time I have spend time with the trustees they give me the opportunity to speak of my problems and the guidance given had shown me that I have the meaning and ability to be someone. I want this to happen to others especially those that are willing to turn a new leaf with the Freedom’s help.

Growing up I often found myself on the wrong side of the law as a teenager and young adult. It was a revolving door with little or no hope. I feel that Freedom Unlimited will provide the opportunities to let people put the past behind them and be achievers. Freedom will always have a place deep in my heart and I hope to be able to contribute as and when needed to help them reach as many people as required.