Our Enterprises


Crafted With Conviction is our wood workshop.

The underlying ethos of our business is to combine people and materials that have been cast aside, and together create beautifully crafted products, which both help to reduce waste by re-use and up-cycling, and provide opportunities for people with a criminal record.  Where possible we use what we like to describe as ‘emotional wood’.  This is wood that tells a story, for example an old church pew with over 100 years of history, or a tree from a special place such as the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh.

Seamless Transitions is our sewing workshop and training program.  We make the highest quality handcrafted, eco-friendly* cushions.

Our current ranges include:

  • Scottish linen and tartan cushions  –  ideal as gifts, especially for overseas friends and relatives who want to take a little piece of Scotland home with them.
  • Bespoke cushions– customers can consult with our designers to create a made-to-order cushion with their own specific choices of colour schemes, fabrics and styles.
  • One-of-a-kind cushions – using fabric offcuts and the nature of the fabric sources, no two cushions are exactly the same.  These are one-off originals and no one else will have a cushion the same.
  • Lasting memory cushions– losing a loved one is something that affects everyone at some point in their lives.  A difficult part of the grieving process is letting go of a loved ones personal items and clothing.  We can redesign a shirt/football top or other items of clothing into a comforting memory cushion to help in the journey.

Inside Jobs

Freedom Unlimited Enterprises are currently delivering  a sewing skills training program with women inside a local prison. This will be a two-year course that will give women an opportunity to learn professional tailoring skills, to gain dignity and confidence, and make a better life for themselves on release.
This linked-in business model offers a proven solution to reducing re-offending rates.