Link to the Clink – Project Funding from Big Lottery Awards for All

Our project ‘Link to the Clink’ will provide active work placements for prisoners who are eligible to come out on day release before liberation. Most long-term prisoners have gained skills and training while inside by attending courses that are on offer or by being part of an active work party.

The problem that exists is that when they are released, they still struggle to find employment because of their criminal conviction. Another major issue is that of routine; the prison regime is very strict and routine oriented. Many people with convictions struggle to keep a sustainable routine on the inside.

Link to the Clink gives prisoners the opportunity to tranistion from one environment to another and stay in their routine.

This grant will enable us to purchase new machinery necessary to make our workshops more productive and allow us to create more jobs. Wea re thrilled that we already have a former inmate working with us in our Seamless Transitions workshop and we have a young man on a day release working with the wood.

A huge thank-you to Big Lotter for investing in Freedom Unlimited Enterprises and playing such a vital role in our continued success.

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