And a bit about our founder


Freedom Unlimited was founded by Josee Scott. Following the sudden and premature death of her 17 year old son, Bobby, she had a complete turnaround in her perspective; Bobby had become involved with a local group of youths who were engaged in a crime and drug culture. Through the events surrounding his death Josee discovered that these young people were not who she thought they were. Instead of looking at them through a lens of prejudice and stereotypical thinking, she was able to see them as a loyal, loving and very supportive group of individuals who were full of potential and promise.


Josee realised a passion for helping these young people and envisaged a way of using social business to combat a significant cause of re-offending behaviour: the struggle to find employment following a criminal conviction. Along with colleagues and supporters, Freedom Unlimited hopes to bring sweeping reform to the prison and criminal justice sector in Scotland using a unique life-transforming B.L.I.P program (Belonging, Legitimacy, Identity, Purpose). We believe that everyone who truly wants to change their future deserves another chance, no matter how many “blips” are in their past.